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Welcome to 'Bugs! This website is about helping you manage unwanted insects, mites, and spiders found around homes and gardens.

Our information is research-based and draws on my 25 years of experience helping homeowners solve their pest problems, see my resume and about us. My aim is to help you tell good bugs from the potentially harmful ones, and to manage these "bad bugs" in safe and responsible ways.

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Household pests generally fall into one of four categories - bugs that bite or sting, in other words insects and mites that can injure you, structural pests like carpenter ants and termites, which cause damage to our homes and property, household & nuisance pests like stink bugs, and finally garden & landscape pests which damage plants. For the complete list of everything covered at 'Bugs see the site index.

Many times people just want to know if they can manage a certain pest situation themselves or if they need some professional help. This diy pest control article will help you make this decision.

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