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- Who we are and what we do -

Summary: 'Bugs is about helping you tell the difference between good bugs and bad bugs, and how to safely deal with the few bad bugs in safe and responsible ways.

Jack DeAngelis, PhD
OSU Ext. Entomologist (ret.)

About 'Bugs

My name is Jack DeAngelis and I retired from Oregon State University in 2004 where I was an Extension urban entomologist for 16 years (see my resume; and/or google "Jack DeAngelis Insects"). I have over 25 years of experience in urban entomology, agricultural research, Cooperative Extension, and teaching, and I hold a PhD in Entomology. The 'Bugs website is now my main focus. The 'Bugs site is an expansion of a website I started in 1999 while at OSU.

This site is about insects and their close relatives. While most of these critters are harmless or even beneficial, a few pose a risk to our property or health. The goal of 'Bugs is first to help you tell the difference between pest situations that need attention and those that may not, and second, in cases where pest control is needed our goal is to help you proceed in a safe, responsible and environmentally friendly way.

Thanks for visiting,

Jack DeAngelis

Elizabeth and I at Yosemite Falls


'Bugs currently has 270+ content pages (see Index) covering most major insect and mite pests that are found around homes and in gardens. We expect the content page number to grow each year with new topics and product reviews. 'Bugs is entirely supported by advertising and affiliate sales, see our Support Page for more information.

We get on average 4,600 visitors per day (~140k per month, 2015 data, Google Analytics data available on request), with variation by season. Visitor numbers peak during spring, summer and fall and are somewhat lower in winter as expected for a site of this type. Our visitors are highly motivated and receptive to ads that address their specific bug problem.

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Mission: To provide accurate, up-to-date and unbiased information for solving common insect and mite problems around your home, business and landscape using least-toxic methods.

Jack DeAngelis, PhD,  , email:  [email protected]

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