'Bugs is about insects and related critters like ticks and spiders that impact people and property. While most are harmless or even beneficial, a few pose a genuine risk. My goal is to help you tell the difference between pest situations that need attention and those that may not, and to help you proceed in a safe, responsible, and environmentally friendly way.

Research has shown that the best approach to pest control is something called integrated pest management, or IPM. IPM involves a series of steps that differ somewhat depending on the circumstances but all involve pest identification, damage assessment, and least-toxic control methods.

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I retired from Oregon State University in 2004 where I was an Extension urban entomologist for 16 years (see my resume; and/or google "Jack DeAngelis Insects"). I have over 25 years of experience in urban entomology, agricultural research, Cooperative Extension, and teaching, and I hold a PhD in Entomology.

has been online since 2004 and as such has undergone lots of changes. We are now (2019) in the midst of another major upgrade as we move toward a more "mobile friendly" format. At its core 'Bugs is a set of articles about identification, life history, and where appropriate, least-toxic control of household and garden "bugs".

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We maintain well over 200 articles about insects and mites that affect people and property. The easiest way to find specific articles is to open the Google search page and type: "your query"+site:livingwithbugs.com into the search box. For example, to find all 'Bugs articles about carpenter ants type carpenter ants site:livingwithbugs.com.

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If, on the other hand, you know what you are looking for it might be easier to scan our Site Map of covered topics.

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