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Image Gallery - Lice

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head louse and nit (egg)

Head Lice

Head lice are small, biting, ectoparasitic insects that specialize in areas of the body that are covered with hair. Head lice eggs (nits) are firmly attached to hairs often around the head and neck. Bites result in red itchy lesions that are often first seen along the nape of the neck. Head lice are light in color but become darker as they feed and ingest blood. Lice lack wings and do not jump.

Head lice eggs (nits) are clear to milky white with a dark cap and are firmly glued to individual hairs (see link below).

<== caption: head louse and nit (attached to hair)

Body lice are nearly identical to head lice except that eggs are laid in clothing rather than glued to hairs.

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pubic louse, crab louse
Pubic Lice

Pubic (crab) lice do not look anything like head and body lice but instead resemble tiny crabs (hence the name "pubic crabs") and occur in areas of the body with thick, course hair such as the groin, eyelashes, and armpits. Like the other human lice, pubic lice bites result in itchy, red lesions.

<== caption: close up of pubic/crab louse

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