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Internet user privacy and confidentiality is of the utmost importance to us at LivingWithBugs. Our reputation and integrity is directly related to the trust we have with our visitors. Please find below a description of how we strive to protect the privacy of Internet users, and maintain the Internet as a highly credible medium.

Information Collected

All users who visit LivingWithBugs retain complete personal anonymity. We do not acquire or collect any personal information about you when you visit, nor do we require you to give us personal information to use our website. Your name, address, phone number, and email address all remain your private property. LivingWithBugs does, however, collect non-identifiable personal information which is specific to how you use our website (all sites do this whether or not they say so).

Our servers record non-personally identifying details such as, but not limited to, the server you are logged onto, the geographic location of the ISP you use, the type of browser you use, your IP address, the date and time, the duration of your visit and the pages viewed. This information is obtained solely for the purpose of determining the number of visits to our pages, how much time visitors spend and how many pages are viewed. This information is pooled for statistical purposes and is not traceable to individual users.

We are a legitimate informational website with no interest in misdirecting you, hijacking your browser or using other disreputable tactics.


LivingWithBugs may use outside organizations to provide advertising for our site. The links on these ads may contain cookies that the advertiser uses to track the ad's effectiveness. Cookies received with banner ads are collected by the advertiser(s), and we do not have access or control over this information. Though we try to maintain relationships with only the most reputable advertisers, we have no control over their policies or procedures and cannot accept responsibility for their actions. However, we welcome any questions or complaints regarding any ads posted on our website.

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to provide statistics about a user's presence on our website. This information is anonymous and may not be tracked back to identify particular users and their private information. Google Analytics uses Cookies to collect information such as how often users visit the Site, what pages they visit, and what other sites they used prior to coming to our Site. We use the information we get from Google Analytics only to improve our Site. Google Analytics collects only the IP address assigned to you on the date you visit the Site, rather than your name or other personally identifying information. We do not combine the information generated through the use of Google Analytics with your Personal Data. Although Google Analytics plants a persistent Cookie on Your web browser to identify you as a unique user the next time you visit the Site and use Services, the Cookie cannot be used by anyone but Google. Google’s ability to use and share information collected by Google Analytics about your visits to our Site is governed by the Google Analytics’ Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

External Links

This site contains links to other websites or references to non-Internet informational sources. LivingWithBugs is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such websites or sources.


LivingWithBugs has created this privacy statement in order to demonstrate our firm commitment to privacy. If you have any questions pertaining to this privacy policy and its contents, please send us a message.

We reserve the right to change, clarify or extend this policy statement from time to time based on our needs, the needs of our visitors, changes in technology or changes in applicable law. However, rest assured that: At no time will information which you provided to us in confidence be intentionally released to any organization or person without your permission. We will not retroactively change our privacy policy for the purpose of intentionally releasing your personal information without your permission.


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revised: November, 2018

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