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- Weed identification resources by region (US) -

Summary: Our suggestions for weed identification guides by region of the US.

Jack DeAngelis, PhD
OSU Ext. Entomologist (ret.)

Weed identification guides

Since problem weeds tend to vary from one region to another it is usually best to select reference books that cover your home region as closely as possible. Also, check with local resources such as Cooperative Extension for bulletins about particularly noxious weeds in your immediate area. In the US and Canada the following guides are suggested (right).

Benefits of native weeds

Believe it or not weeds can be a beneficial part of your garden so should not always be eliminated. Weeds often support important natural enemy populations such as predatory insects and mites. In a sense they serve as "nurseries" for these beneficial groups.

If you leave some weedy natural areas in your landscape they will pay you back with free pest control. Even a small area of weedy, native vegetation will serve this purpose. Highly invasive, non-native weeds, however, should always be managed.

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Jack DeAngelis, Ph.D.

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